March 14th

March 14th

Today seems significant to share Coeur Fou with you all. I'll tell you why, I kept randomly hearing Drake's March 14th and I can't explain the feeling it gave me. Like something was meant to happen. So I decided to make it happen. 

I've spent the last few months really focused on myself, reading has been such a big part of this journey. In the last fortnight I've read 4 books alone. A common theme when it comes to any creative pursuit or passion is the doubt and self sabotage that can sometimes accompany that. 

Something really resonated with me, it was about leading life with courage, tenacity and not putting off the things we fear because our worst possible outcome, is often one fabricated in our minds. 

So here I am, finally launching my baby - something that I'm passionate about and want to be able to share that with the world. 

Thanks Drizzy - You gave me the push I needed. 


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