2 Months of Coeur Fou ♡

2 Months of Coeur Fou ♡

Where has the time gone? it's been two months since launching Coeur Fou and what a journey it has already been. Firstly if you're reading this, I would like to thank you for being here. Thank you for every like on Instagram, every view of this site and of course for every purchase. 

It's been a real rollercoaster of emotions. There are so many things people fail to tell you when starting up your business and as someone with extreme anxiety it's been quite the ride. There have been days I feel like I'm fully thriving and loving life, then come the days where I'm consumed with doubt and fear. 

It's a full time job working for yourself and while it may seem easy, it's far from it. It takes constant planning, constant creating and constant faith that you'll reach the levels of success you dream of. 

It's fast paced, once I share a collection - I'm already thinking about the next. 

One picture you see on this site may have taken me an hour to perfect, the lighting the sharpness - then comes the editing. (FYI I'm doing it all by myself!) 

Then comes the videos and the Instagram posts which differs from the amount of content to what I'm used to. Your girl's been out the game a while and social media is wild these days. It's on steroids! 


Every single sale, every package I pack and every nice comment from a customer literally makes me do a happy dance around my living room, which FYI has become a Coeur Fou cave. I'm surrounded by jewellery, on the coffee table, in the kitchen, on my bookshelf, on my bedside - I literally am breathing, eating, sleeping all things Coeur Fou. 

I guess I'm writing this post to thank you for helping me make the start of this journey a beautiful one. I know so many of you have followed me from way back and this transitioning into jewellery has been a dream of mine and you've allowed me to make it a reality. 

I hope you will check out some of my new collections and will love them as much as I do. 

Sending you nothing but gratitude and love from Coeur Fou to yours.. 



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